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(Original e-mail exchange with Bill Spencer of 6918th RSM/SS)

As we discussed, I volunteered to host a reunion for people that served with the 14th ASA (Army Security Agency) Field Station in Japan. The 14th closed down in May 1972.
As has been done in the past, everyone that served with us including Naval Security Group, Air Force Security Service and National Security Agency personnel are also invited.
Over the past years reunions have been held about every two years at various locations around the country but the number of people attending is always getting smaller
Because of the smaller number of surviving Vet’s from the 14th we think this could be the last reunion for our group. Because of this we decided to “open up” the reunion to family & friends.
Since I volunteered to host the reunion I opted to do so at The Virgin River Hotel Casino located in Mesquite, Nevada. I picked The Virgin River Hotel Casino because the room rates are very low and they have a nice, low cost, daily buffet plus gambling. There are a lot of scenic venues in the area plus many golf courses & you have easy access to Las Vegas & “the strip” if you want to go there.
The Virgin River Hotel Casino is located about 90 miles Northeast of Las Vegas and is about a 90 minute drive from the Las Vegas airport.
The Virgin River Hotel Casino is “pet friendly” & has parking space for RVs but there are no “hook-up” facilities for the RVs.
If you plan to play golf let The Virgin River Hotel Casino know when you’re making your reservation and they will work with you to get you booked at a nearby course.
Bill, be sure to read the last page of this document regarding the visit to Creech AFB. The Base Commander has given our group a rare privilege to visit this tightly controlled access base.

14th ASA Reunion Full Information