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Welcome Home!

In 1958, on the island of Kyushu, Japan, the U.S. Air Force moved a small group of personnel from Ashiya, Japan to a tiny base, the Brady Air strip, just across the bay from Fukuoka. They named this group the 6918th RSM, or Radio Squadron Mobile. The 6918th, remained active from then until 1972 when the base was closed. The base endured several name changes during its tenure, and the unit name eventually became the 6918th Security Squadron. For our purposes, we now call it the 6918th RSM/SS.

Two Dawg flight members put together a 1974 reunion in Ft. Wayne, IN, and another in 1977, in St. Louis, MO. 1997 saw Charlie Flight gather in St. Louis too. But, for many reasons, there weren't more reunions until 2007, in Las Vegas, NV--many years later! At that time, Dawg flight again hosted the reunion, with several Charlie flight members also attending. That was it! The 6918th is MUCH more than just one flight-and since then, ALL flights and support personnel from the Hakata base are included and welcomed!

Thanks to many hours and lots of hard work by our volunteer team, we've located many sets of orders, found many alumni, added many names not previously listed on our roster, and kept what we call the 'Alumni (duty) Roster' up to date. Now, our family of members and surviving family members is over 1,000 strong! But sadly, along the way we've also found that many of our alumni and friends have taken their wings, and our "Fallen Eagles" now total more than 450 ... and that number is constantly rising. View the 6918th Memorial Taps link to see them all and pay your respects.

Looking for our unfound alumni will never be complete, and we are still on the hunt for almost 450 more, so help us out if you can. Our mission is to find as many as possible, to welcome them home, into our growing family.

Since 2007, we've held a reunion every two years-St. Louis, MO was the location for 2009, and the 2011 and 2013 Reunions were held in San Antonio, TX. Minneapolis, MN hosted the 2015 reunion, and for 2017, we plan to visit Colorado Springs!

The biggest reward for the Alumni Team is bringing friends back together, some after 50 plus years. For all in attendance at the reunions, there is the enjoyment of seeing old (and new!) friends and family, the stories and memories we share, the pictures from "back then", the smiles, laughs and some tears-and the making and sharing of NEW memories!

This is why we do what we do! Please spend a few minutes or hours enjoying the web site, and leave a note in the guestbook for us, for your friends, or just to say 'Hi' to those who follow you! Welcome home!