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The 6918th Corporation is a 501(c)19 corporation now, and can accept your donations. Thank you! Proceeds from our sales will be used to fund future unit reunions, this website and the private 6918th Roll Call website, and/or other administrative and overhead costs, etc., as appropriate. INSTRUCTIONS: Select the item(s) here you’d like to purchase, or to talk to us about - then send us an e-mail at: Then, with a confirmed merchandise/shipping total back from us by e-mail, please make your checks payable to:

The 6918th Corporation
and forward them to:
Carol Farr, 6918th Corporation Treasurer
611 Castile St.
Gower, MO 64454-9503


All merchandise in stock is marked down! If you see something you like, buy it! It may not be here when you come back!!!!! Sorry no special orders... All sales limited to items currently in stock!

The 2019 Reunion WILL BE The Last BIG One for the 6918th !

Get your 2019 DVD set for $10 (plus $2 shipping)

After many years of gatherings—large and small—this 2 Disc DVD will represent the final chapter.  Disc 1 contains numerous tracks and images from previous reunions—some you may have seen, and some you may NOT have seen.  Disc 2 will contain hundreds of photographic images taken at the November 2019 reunion, and will be produced and finalized following the 2019 reunion—with lots of old music in the background to enjoy.  Having this DVD set WON’T substitute for attending in person—but it WILL be much better than missing out, and having no keepsake memories from the final 6918th RSM/SS Reunion!

This collection will represent our last and final documentation of the 6918th RSM/SS, so please don’t miss out.  Following the 2019 reunion, we’ll stop selling and producing them, so don’t wait!!

You can pre-order NOW for delivery at the reunion (if you’re attending), or, to your home, if you can’t.  Either way -- Disc 2 will be mailed out once it’s completed—expected to be in the first few months of 2020.


2019 Reunion Pre-Order

All previous Reunion DVD’s on sale for $5 (plus $2 shipping)

Years 2007-2009-2011-2013-2015-2017

All previous reunions

>6918th Polo Shirts

6918th Screen Printed Polo Shirts in White, Tan, Sport Grey, Light Blue or Royal Blue $25 $15 plus $4 shipping

Short Sleeve – Screen Printed T-shirts

Colors: White, Sport Grey, Light Blue, Royal Blue

$17 $10 plus $4 shipping